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Welcome to the Princeton Proteomics


Mass Spectrometry Core


A hub for cutting-edge mass spectrometry-based biological research at Princeton University






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As biologists, bioinformaticians, analytical chemists, and engineers with decades of experience in biological mass spectrometry, we pride ourselves on our ability to leverage the highest technologies and latest methodologies in ultra-sensitive nano-scale proteomics and mass spectrometry, which we have developed and refine together with our industry partners, for your transformative biological applications.







We require fees for our simplified services and streamlined project categories, at rates that are extremely competitive with external labs and commercial sources. We are hosted by the Department of Molecular Biology, but are open and available to all.








We are also home to the Synthesis/Sequencing Portal, a gateway for nucleic acid and protein research reagents for the entire campus. From custom oligos to custom antibodies, we offer a wide variety of high quality reagents at lower negotiated prices through our allied vendors, providing our expert technical and logistical support for these products. Do check us out!    




Saw Kyin, Acting Director

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Lewis Thomas Lab 017

Phone: 8-2210 Fax: 8-0898 







LOCATIONS of the MS Instrument Lab, Wet Lab, and Clean Lab