Princeton University   |   Department of Molecular Biology

Our fee structure is the same across the entire university. External users should contact the facility manager for the applicable fee structure.

As of July 1st 2016:

  Crystallization robot   $38.00 / tray
     ...using your own solutions   $32.00 / tray
     ...using your own trays & seals   $30.00 / tray
     ...using your own trays, seals, solutions   $21.00 / tray
  Initial training (<1 hour)   $44.00 / hour
  Follow-up trays using your own solutions:  
  24-well sitting drop (CrysChem) plates incl. tape seal   $ 6.00 / tray
  24-well hanging drop (VDX) plates incl. glass slides   $10.00 / tray
Data Collection  
  X-ray Generator use (incl. cryo)   $20.00 / hour
  Synchrotron trips (daily labor)   $780. / day
Professional Assistance  
  per hour   $65.00 / hour

Questions ? Contact the facility manager.