Chromatin Structure/Boundary Elements

Research on chromatin structure focuses on the regulation of the homeotic Abd-B gene from BX-C. An elaborate cis-regulatory region is responsible for generating parasegment-specific expression of Abd-B. The region controls Abd-B expression in parasegments (PS)10-13 and is subdivided into 4 cis-regulatory domains: iab-5 (PS10), iab-6 (PS11), iab-7 (PS12) and iab-8 (PS13). Abd-B expression is divided into two phases: an initiation phase in which the gap and pair-rule segmentation genes activate the appropriate cis-regulatory domain and a memory phase in which Polycomb group and trithorax group genes maintain the parasegment specific cis-regulatory domains in the correct state, on or off. Each domain contains a unique set of initiator elements that respond to gap/pair-rule genes, and a set of maintenance elements that are targets for the Polycomb and trithorax group proteins. Critical to the functional autonomy of the cis-regulatory domains are chromatin boundary elements that insulate one domain from the adjacent domain. Studies underway are focused on one of the maintenance elements, the iab-7 Polycomb Response Element (PRE), and on two boundary elements Fab-7 and Fab-8 which flank the iab-7 cis-regulatory domain, insulating it from iab-7 and iab-8 respectively. Proteins that are critical for PRE or boundary function have been identified, and we are currently attempting to understand how these proteins contribute to either PRE or boundary activity. In related studies on chromatin structure we have shown that the zw5 gene encodes a protein component of the scs boundary. Multimerized binding sites for the Zw5 protein have boundary activity in vivo, and this activity is dependent on the zw5 gene.




Gregory Shanower- Postdoc

Tstomu Aoki - Postdoc

Daryl Gohl - Graduate Student





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