Welcome to the Cristea Lab

The research in our laboratory is aimed at understanding mechanisms that control the fate of cells under invasion by viral pathogens, focusing on viral-host protein interactions and modulation of chromatin remodeling machineries. We utilize multidisciplinary approaches incorporating proteomics, virology, biochemistry, molecular biology, microscopy, bioinformatics and genomics to explore several areas of interest:

  • The roles of chromatin remodeling and epigenetic changes during HIV-1 infection, with emphasis on deacetylating enzymes and processes involved in DNA methylation.
  • The dynamic regulation of virus-host protein interactions during the progression of viral infections.
  • The biological functions of Interferon Inducible proteins and their contribution to the interferon-mediated antiviral response. 
  • Characterization of intermediate virion structures during the life cycle of viral infection.